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My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | Hair make mieux

This hair salon is located only a 1 minute walk from Hankyu Yamamoto station. His cutting scissors and thinning scissors are all Naruto scissors.
He talked a lot about the advantages of Naruto scissors, which he has been using since he became a hair stylist.

Which Naruto scissors have you used the longest?

I have been using Hennessy Mini since I was 19 years old.. The owner of the salon where I worked at the time was using it, and that was my first encounter with Naruto scissors.
I started working as an apprentice at the age of 18, and initially purchased and prepared scissors for practice from a different manufacturer.

However, the owner recommended that I purchase a pair of Naruto scissors. Now that I think about it, it was a good idea to start using high quality scissors from the time I started to practice.
By using scissors that are easy to open and close, I did not get into habits such as cutting by pushing the shank with my thumb.

The initial investment is high, but I recommend using Naruto scissors from the beginning of your hairstyling career.

How do you feel about the new Naruto scissors you bought this time?

It works very fast. I can blur the cut lines easily.
Above all, the touch is gentle. So the customer also feels good when I’m cutting their hair.

What do you like about Naruto scissors?

The ability to cut cleanly regardless of the texture or quantity of hair.
The hair style lasts longer because it can be cut cleanly.
Also, I like the fact that it doesn't cause tendonitis.

・He also told us this story.

If anyone use Naruto scissors, they will surely understand the goodness of Naruto Scissors.
Even among customers, children are especially honest and say that it hurts when it hurts.
Not only that, but they also complimented me, saying, “Your scissors are great today!”
When talking about scissors with customers, I sometimes hear about Naruto scissors.
"There's a good scissors maker around here,"  everyonel know Naruto because you were on TV shows. The reaction on TV is amazing.