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My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | Hair salon SAEKI

We receive about 16,000 pairs of scissors for repair annually and on a busy day, we’ll receive nearly 200 pairs of scissors.
There are not only requests for sharpening, but also encouragement to our craftsmen and stories that come along with the scissors that are sent in.

There was a letter that we couldn't help but think of the word "Lifework”.

This time, we will introduce you to that letter.

‟I was born in 1934 and I will be 89 years old this year.
I have been thinking about when to close my business, but when I look at the faces of the customers who have been coming to my shop for many years, it is hard to make up my mind.

I bought a pair of Naruto thinning scissors from *Kobayashi Rikki-ten in Sakai City around *1965 and fell in love with the sharpness of the scissors. Later on, I bought other three pairs of Naruto scissors and I have been using them since then.
(I am amazed at how long they last.)
I used to sharpen them myself until about 3 years ago.

Yes, I remember that in the old days, when the Sentousai scissors were popular (around 1960), I used my own equipment to bend and tap them and even create the hollow on the back of the blade.
Of course, I had to get up early in the morning before the shop opened to sharpen them myself. This is not a story that would go over well with today's young barbers…
But I digress... could you sharpen my scissors for me please.'

*1965 in Japan: The average monthly salary at that time was 30,000 yen, the average cost of a haircut was about 350 yen (barber), 250 yen(salon), perm fee was about 850 yen.
We were in the midst of a period of rapid economic growth, and surprisingly, the average monthly salary has approximately doubled in five years.”

* Kobayashi Rikiten*…Our distributor in Sakai city, Osaka→

We also received the following letter after returning his scissors to him.

‟Thank you very much for your help the other day.
I was impressed by your professional sharpening skills and your excellent sharpness and adjustment.
When I was young, I sharpened my scissors with a whetstone, and about 20 years ago, I replaced the whetstone to sharpening machine, but I was dissatisfied because I could not get a satisfactory sharpness, and with my advanced age, I lost the energy to sharpen my own scissors.

I’m not sure how many more years I’ll will be in business, but I have a steady stream of customers, so I can hardly go out of business. I’ll take good care of my scissors.

Please continue to make barbers and hairdressers happy.

from Sasaki"

In response to the letter, our employees were touched, saying,
‘The cstomer, our company's scissors, and the distributor are still in buisiness, and everyone, including our company, is still working hard!’
We were proud that Naruto scissors became a partner in his life.

We will continue to support scissors.
Please keep up your great and cool work.

☆Please leave the sharpening adjustment to our factory so as not to loose the characteristics of Naruto scissors. This time, we introduced This story as a mark of respect for the historical background and the fact that it has been used for a long time ☆