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My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | hair salon aeru

A salon in Kawanishi had a very successful and memorable event for the children this summer.

The owner and all the staff working there always seem to be having fun! They are lively and full of smiles on the social network sites they post.

Come here and you will see smiling faces! We interviewed Mr. Fujitani, owner of "aeru" a hair salon in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture.

■What made you decide to become a hair dresser?

When I thought about my future, the word “company employee” didn't ring a bell and I thought of it more as “job in hand”.

I looked into mechanics and pastry chefs, but hairdressing was all the rage at the time and was often featured on TV.

That is how I came to know about hairdressing.

I tried to take the college entrance exam, but I couldn't see my future beyond that.

But after going through the entrance examinations, I was convinced once again that I want to become a hairdresser!

So I convinced my parents and took the final exam to enter beauty school.

■How did you come to know about Naruto scissors?

A few years after becoming a hairdresser, I met a highly skilled stylist and started working for him.

He was using Naruto scissors and introduced me to Naruto scissors and the factory craftsman, Mr. Shiraishi.

■Encounter with Naruto Scissors = It was also an encounter with a craftsman!

That's right.

When I first encountered Naruto Scissors, Mr. Shiraishi kindly recommended me a number of scissors, which now support my work.

I feel I was meant to meet Naruto Scissors! I think so.

■Thank you for using our products!

All the scissors I own have a role, and I use them depending on the purpose.

That's why I have a love for all my scissors.

Dry scissors are very easy to use as they have blades that allow them to slide easily.

I use scissors that have become thinner after using them for a long time, but I also use them for cutting soft hair and around the face.

I always have the desire to make my customers look beautiful.

Naruto scissors supports this idea.

■I heard that you have realized something by continuing to use Naruto scissors.

It is that there is less stress on my hands. This has reduced my overall stress.

I use the scissors every day, so I am very grateful that they are less stressful and keep me healthy. I am grateful to have found a really good pair of scissors.

■aeru held a wonderful event this summer.

In August of this year, the salon held an event called "Beauty Expo.

This is a hands-on event for children from 3 years old to 6th grade elementary school students to learn about the "work of a hairdresser".

We planned this event in the hope that it would be a good opportunity for children to become future hairdressers, and in fact, many children said, "I want to be a hairdresser in the future!”

Naruto Scissors also cooperated in the cutting experience booth this time.

Thankfully, the event was a great success, and we are planning to hold it again next year.

■It's an honor to be of help.

Naruto Scissors make wonderful scissors.

It is very important to pass on this top-class skill.

I would be happy if there were more opportunities for people to get to know Naruto scissors and support more hairdressers.

■Please tell us about your future activities.

I will continue to focus on training the next generation of hairdressers while continuing to work as a hairdresser.

I’ve heard that the number of hairdressers is decreasing every year. I feel that activities such as the "Beauty Expo" are an important part of hairdressing training.

Of course, it takes effort, and the most important thing is to keep doing it.

I hope that young people who enter our company with many dreams will be able to grow their own dreams someday. I hope that they will be able to continue working as a hairdresser for a long time.

I want to support them and create "an environment that makes them smile”.