Since our establishment in 1963, we have been making hairdressing scissors
by hand for over 50 years in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan.
The combination of our original structure and the craftsmanship that we have
inherited and enhanced over the years produces Naruto scissors.

NARUTO SCISSORS makes the “Best partner”.

The hair is cut cleanly and doesn’ t get damaged because of the outstanding sharpness, which has been described as "a soft cutting feeling".
Our original “Three-dimensional circular ride” structure and sharpening skills are taken into consideration with each pair of scissors. Because of this, our scissors can be used for as long as 20 to 30 years.

Naruto Scissors are scissors that can only be made by humans, not by a machine.

Each pair of Naruto scissors are handcrafted.
The ideal angle of the blade is 45 degrees, and the blade is finished evenly from the blade bottom to the blade tip while keeping the thickness of the blades. The thickness of the blades creates the softness of cutting.
The blades and parts are mirror-finished one by one by hand so that they can be used for a long time.

To pursue ideals.

The "curve" of the blade, which is important to the cutting feeling, is created by hitting it with a mallet.
Creating about 0.03 mm, which is equivalent to one hair. There is no measuring instrument, and our craftsmen make judgments based on their eyes and experience.
We use a whetstone to create a blade line on the inside of the blade. We sharpen it just right using our senses. Just the right amount, so that it will open and close smoothly.
Metallic dust comes out when we are sharpening. Skill is needed to remove this. If you make a mistake, the scissors will be ruined.

And finally, the good are the hairdressers who actually use the scissors. Craftsmen continue to hone their skills today to make the scissors they use the best partner.


Mechanism and Structure

The center of the scissors has a unique composite “Three -dimensional circular ride”, which reduces wear on the contact point and withstands long-term use. It is based on a theory that emphasizes functionality cultivated over many years; and it has a structure in which a special resin or bearing packing is mounted in the center to pursue an excellent balance between scissors open/close and the contact point.

  • ST type

  • DB type

  • NB type

  • SB type

The packing in the center differs in both
structure and performance for each series.

There are 4 types of handles.

  • [image]Hennessy type

    Hennessy type

    Hennessy type is our original handle. It has the effect of reducing the fatigue on the wrist and elbow when cutting.

  • [image]Straight type

    Straight type

    It’s standard offset type.

  • [image]Eyeglass type (left-right asymmetric)

    Eyeglass type (left-right asymmetric)

    This eyeglass type is slightly asymmetric. It’s easy to use even for people who are familiar with offset handles.

  • [image]Eyeglass type (symmetrical)

    Eyeglass type (symmetrical)

    Symmetrical eyeglass type.

The difference between Straight Handle and Hennessy Handle

Offset Handle/Hennessy Handle

The shape of blade

  • Clam shaped blade

    With this shape, you can realize more smooth and soft feeling of cutting which is characteristic feature of Naruto scissors.

    [image]Clam shaped blade type

    It cuts softly with a sharp
    blade angle.

    [image]cross section
  • Sword shaped blade

    Since the blade is rather thick, it is suitable for cutting hard bristles or cutting thick panels.

    [image]Sword shaped blade

    It cuts strongly with the thickness of the blade.

    [image]cross section

The features and characteristics
of thinning scissors

[image]The effect by the head shape of the teeth
  • The tips of teeth are the shape that doesn’t leave a line where it was cut

    The hair goes in (1)~(5) grooves in order, so our thinning scissors can create a natural finish.

  • The hair goes smoothly through the scissors without getting caught

    Because B intervals are wider than A intervals.

  • The design of the thinning scissors makes it difficult to damage the hair

    The sides of the teeth are planed off making the edges rounded. This is also the reason the hair can go through the scissors and not to get damaged.

  • 2Suki

  • 3Suki

  • 4Suki


Kinds of Thinning

There are two blade types of scissors, type S/regular type and type B/reverse type. The reverse type, type B, can give you a very smooth cutting of the hair, allowing the hair to fall naturally when trimming using scissors over the comb technique (Kariage).

[image]Type S/regular type [image]Type B/reverse type

Registration System for our Customer;

Naruto Scissors has been applying the serial number system for every single pair of scissors made by us since the company was founded. We register the name of the purchaser, the model of scissors and the date the scissors were purchased into our log book. This information management system is quite helpful and useful for the repairing of scissors, minor adjustments and for antitheft (burglar-proof).
Also, the customer’s registration records will not be open to any third party without the customers’ agreement, except in accordance with laws and regulations.
* However, although we may disclose personal information to affiliated companies and outsourcing companies that have signed a confidentiality agreement with us, we will instruct and supervise appropriate management and protection.

Please contact us for
any inquiries by email.