Care of Scissors

Care of New Scissors &
Care of Scissors
after Sharpening and

When you first use your scissors, metallic dust will come out. The metallic dust causes many problems to the blades.
We ask that the customer pre-condition scissors in the beginning and after sharpening and adjustment.
At that time, avoid cutting thick hair, start with a blunt cut for at least the first 5 to 10 client haircuts.
Please make sure the hair is either wet or soft hair if it is dry. While cutting or after each use, please wipe the blades to remove the metallic dust with the chamois leather. Continue to pre-condition your scissors with about 10 to 20 more client haircuts. After this, your scissors are ready for slide cut, stroke cut, chop cut etc.

[image]Care of New, Repaired and maintenance scissors.

Daily Care

Please wipe your scissors 2 to 3 times daily using the leather chamois. This is very important for keeping your scissors’ sharpness and cutting feeling.

Please refer to the link for daily care.

Sharpening and

Please send scissors for sharpening and adjustment to Naruto Scissors Factory.
If sharpened by other companies, Naruto scissors loses its characteristics and we
cannot guarantee the quality.
We recommend once every one to three years for maintenance.

How to send your scissors for sharpening and adjustment

There are 2 ways to send your scissors to our factory for maintenance.
A. Via our distributor in your country
B. Directly to Naruto Scissors Factory
  ※Japanese and English only available

  1. A. Via our distributor in your country

    After contacting our distributor, please send the required items to the distributor.

    Sharpening and Adjustment at Naruto Scissors Factory

    Naruto Scissors will ship the scissors back to the distributor. The customer will receive the scissors from the distributor.

    • *Please ask the distributor about the payment method.
  2. B. Directly to Naruto Scissors Factory

    • *Japanese and English only available

    After contacting us by email
    please send the required items directly to Naruto Scissors Factory.

    Sharpening and Adjustment at Naruto Scissors Factory

    After confirming the payment, Naruto Scissors will ship the scissors back to the customer.

    Contact Info: Naruto Scissors Factory 2-19-23, Akura-kita,Takarazuka,Hyogo,665-0821 Japan

    Telephone: 0797-81-1262

Items to be prepared for sharpening
and adjustment

  • Scissors for repair and maintenance

    Scissors for sharpening and adjustment

  • Memo written about condition of the scissors

    Notes about scissors

  • Repairing coupon(Warranty)

    Maintenance ticket

  1. Attention

    * On the shipping label, please fill in “scissors for repair” in the space for detailed description of contents.
    * On the shipping label, please fill in the amount for the used scissors value as JPY¥1,000 per 1 pair of scissors. Please do not enter the purchased amount.
    * Customers are responsible for the shipping costs.
    * Customers are responsible for all domestic and international customs duties.
    * Return of scissors will be done via EMS post only.

After repair and maintenance, depending on the scissors’ conditions(chips, sharpen by other company, blunt blade etc.), the thickness and width will change.

In case you won’t use your scissors immediately after repair and maintenance, please check the scissors after receiving them from our factory. 

Period for sharpening
and adjustment

We will ship back the maintenance scissors about 2 weeks after receiving your scissors at Naruto Scissors Factory.
*The maintenance period varies depending on the time of year and the maintenance detail.

Maintenance ticket

With normal use according to the instruction manual, we provide 3 maintenance tickets for our Naruto scissors except
Vistas series and 掌-tanagocoro-series.
We provide 1maintenance ticket for our Vistas series.

Repairing coupon

*If you forget to include the warranty card or the serial number doesn’t match the scissors serial number, you will be charged for the maintenance.

  1. About payment method

    1.Credit card( VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMEX, Dinners)

    • ① We will send an email with a URL to you through the web payment function (Orico Payment Plus).
      You will be asked to enter your credit card information. Orico Payment Plus will process your payment.
    • ② Please access from the URL sent to your e-mail address and complete the payment procedure.
    • ③ When payment is completed, an email will be sent to you and Naruto Scissors confirming payment.

Sharpening and Adjustment Price

Up to 6” 6.1” and over Thinning scissors
¥5,000 ¥5,700 ¥5,000

Please contact us for
any inquiries by email.

Overseas Distributors

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