About Purchase

If our distributor is in your country,
please contact the distributor

Overseas Distributors

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About the purchasing steps directly
from Naruto Scissors

If our distributor is not in your country,
please email us from the contact form.
Please consult us and select the best scissors for you.

  1. Step1Contact us


    Please enter the required information and your consultation or order.
    We will reply your massages.

  2. Step2Payment Procedure


    We will send you an email with payment procedure information.

    About payment method
    ・ Credit card (VISA・Master Card・JCB・AMEX・Diners)

  3. Step3Making Scissors


    The craftsmen at Naruto Scissors Factory will make scissors according to your order.

  4. Step4Shipping of Scissors


    We will ship the scissors made at the factory to you.

    About shipping date
    It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks from ordering to shipping.
    ※There are cases when it takes longer, due to the shortage of stock or the time of year.

Please contact us for
any inquiries by email.