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“A true Cinderella fit, like wearing glass slippers!”

It was such a wonderful way to describe her memory of the moment she picked up the Naruto scissors.

Ms. Ayase Namaguchi of TSUTSUMI Beauty Salon in Niigata City.
She has "Ayase" laser engraved on all her scissors and loves them.

She happily told us about her first encounter with Naruto scissors and our sales representative, Mr. Kuwahara.

■Have you been using Naruto scissors ever since you became a hairdresser?

No, originally, I was using scissors from another manufacturer.
When I joined my current salon, all the staff members were using Naruto scissors.
I was persuaded or seduced by the distributor to meet with Mr. Kuwahara, the salon's sales representative lol.

■Seduced! lol

I was just thinking, "I need to buy another pair of scissors..." I didn't know much about scissors, but I had a vague idea of what I wanted.

Then, Mr. Kuwahara handed them to me and said, "This is it, isn't it? That was my first encounter with Naruto scissors.

■ That is the moment when you first picked up the Naruto scissors!

A truly Cinderella fit, just like when she put on a glass slipper!

This one! This is the one!

Now I am thankful that I was seduced into it.

The "Flex S*" scissors I purchased at that time are the scissors I am most attached to.

*NewHennessyFlexS: Second from left in the image below. 6 inches in length. A great pair of scissors chosen for its softness of cut and sharpness.

■ It's a fateful encounter with Naruto Scissors.
 What is your main pair of scissors?

Turning Queen*. I use it as much as I can with all my clients. I came across it when I wanted to replace the sword-blade scissors I had before with Naruto scissors.

The moment I touched them, I remember thinking, "This is definitely the one!" I remember I was excited.

The sharpness is outstanding, and the speed of work is also outstanding.

*TurningQueen: 5.8inch (leftmost in the image above). The sword shaped blade is light and smooth to open and close, while retaining its strength.

■I think you found the scissors you were looking for at just the right time!

Before my debut, I didn't know the difference between scissors. To be honest, I just thought "as long as I can use it, that's all that matters.

After I met Naruto Scissors, I started to understand the difference like "I want this, I want this! I started to understand the difference.

■So what was the turning point in your life as a hairdresser?

It is joining my current salon. I was able to meet my current workplace through encounters with various people, and also met Naruto scissors.

TSUTSUMI Beauty Salon's theme is "relaxation and healing, hair care and design. We aim to be a store that loves its customers and continues to be loved by them.

If I had not met Naruto Scissors and Mr. Kuwahara, I would not have been able to reach the quality of work that I do today.

Thank you, Naruto-san, for bringing me up!