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My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | palfun Sengoku store

Aizu Wakamatsu Castle," affectionately called "Tsurugajo" by the locals, and "Sazae-do," a mysterious wooden structure with a double spiral inside.
‟palfun“ is a hair salon with three salons in Aizuwakamatsu City in Fukushima Prefecture, a town full of historical charm.
We interviewed Ms.Tamura at the Sengoku branch of palfun, where the staff is especially cheerful and full of life and personality.

My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | palfun Sengoku store

■Please tell us how you came to know about Naruto scissors?

I heard about it from a beauty dealer and became interested.
Then, as I looked it up on their website and SNS, I was more and more attracted to its charm.
I watched videos of people cutting with Naruto scissors and thought it would be nice to try it.

■You even watched the video!

Yes, I did.
At that time, I heard that a sales person from Naruto Scissors was visiting Aizuwakamatsu, and he dropped by the salon. That was the first time I met the real thing.


“I will never make a quick decision! I thought, I was going to try it out with a wig. Then I noticed that the hair on the wig was almost gone. !
It was only then that I realized that my hand that was cutting wouldn't stop. I was amazed.
I never thought it would feel so good to cut wigs! I couldn't believe how much fun it was to cut!
I wanted to use it at work right away.

■Thank you for your kind words.

When I received the scissors I ordered and opened the paulownia box containing the scissors, the shine and form of the scissors were beautiful.
I took a lot of pictures first.

When I actually used the scissors in salon work, I was still impressed by the sharpness of the cut.
It cuts so quickly that I don't even feel like I am cutting, which is a strange sensation.
It cuts so smoothly that I enjoy cutting and want to keep on cutting.
I sometimes find myself enthusiastically telling customers how great the Naruto scissors are, even without being asked.

■What is your customer's reaction?

The first customer I used my Naruto scissors with said, "I don't feel like I'm getting a cut, but if my hair is falling out, it means I'm getting a cut,
I also received the comment, "It feels good to have my hair cut.
I am sure it is thanks to the Naruto scissors.
It makes me happy.

■We are glad you are satisfied with our work.

When I started using Naruto scissors, I thought, "I wish I had known about Naruto Scissors when I was younger!”
I wanted to use them for as long as possible from now on, and the number of scissors I have increased in a short period of time.

■You kept purchasing scissors one after another, haven't you?

Yes, I did.
A week after I received my first pair of Maticline S scissors, I wanted to buy another pair of thinning scissors.
I now have a total of five pairs of scissors.

From left
Forte Graver STⅡ(5.15"): I bought these scissors most recently. I can do fine work as if it were part of my hand. I enjoy using it, too.
3suki Trente S26: After a week of receiving my first scissor, I still wanted this one, so I bought it!
Maticline S (5.8"): These were the first scissors I purchased.
2suki Hennessy Halfline S31 Karakusa: I wanted to get it in arabesque.
Duckboard Z Karakusa: These are the scissors of my dreams from the first time I saw it!

■Do you have any particular favorites?

My favorite Naruto scissors is Duckboard Z Karakusa.
I first fell in love with the Karakusa design.
When I was allowed to try it out, I found that it was light, smooth, and required no force to open and close. It cuts crisply, yet the cut is soft.
It was a feeling I had never had before, and I was instantly hooked on it to the point where I couldn't let it go.
I was excited, thinking that the longer I use it, the better it will be.

■What kind of situations do you use them for?

When I first started using it, I used it for finishing dry cuts.
Recently, I often use it for base cuts when wet.
I can use it for slide cuts, chop cuts, and any other occasions.

I feel that I can feel the enthusiasm of the craftsmen at the factory from these Naruto scissors.
I am grateful to the craftsmen. I would very much like to see the craftsmanship passed down to the next generation.

■Do you have any advice for those who are making their Naruto scissor debut?

Each scissor has its own characteristics and role, so I am sure you will find one that suits your skills and purpose.
I hope that you will choose your scissors carefully and find the one that suits you best.

■You have led a fulfilling life as a hairstylist. Could you tell us about a particularly memorable episode?

My grandmother is 96 years old now.
Sometimes I go to see her and cut her hair while she is still in bed.
She usually doesn't say much, but when I finish cutting her hair that day, she says slowly.
She said slowly, "I look so beautiful.
She couldn't even stand up now, and she couldn't even remember me, her granddaughter.
I had been shedding tears, thinking that being a hairdresser was useless at a time like this, but she saved me with that one word.
I was glad that there was something I could do.
I will never forget how I felt and her voice.