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My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | cotona

Along the Mutsu Bay, where the tranquil waters meet the Tsugaru Strait, runs the Aomori Blue Forest Railway. And just steps away from the Higashi-Aomori Station lies a cozy salon, cotona, where reservation is required.
"I want my guests to have a relaxing time and feel right at home," shares cotona's heartwarming owner, Ms. Yuna Kurauchi, her words brimming with sincerity and care.

■ Can you tell us about how you first encountered Naruto Scissors?

It all began with a recommendation from my senior: "If you're talking scissors, it's Naruto!" And my mother, a former stylist herself, used Naruto scissors. Naturally, I've harbored a curiosity about them for ages.

■ Not just from your senior, but from your mother too!

Exactly. My journey with Naruto Scissors began with the precious pair my mother passed down to me: Maticline I S

■ What was it like when you finally use them?

They cut well! I was positively thrilled by the surge in efficiency they brought to my work. While I did have an attachment to the scissors I bought before stepping into the salon, once I used Naruto scissors, there was no turning back.

■ Thank you! And you've expanded your scissors further.

Yes, I have. Thanks to sales representative Mr. Genba's recommendation, I've been lovingly using the【Forte Graver DB】. Its power is unmatched even during dry cuts, and opening and closing is light. What's more, it fits snugly in my hand and adapts effortlessly to any task, from basic cuts to detailing. It's compact size but it has its razor-sharp capabilities, making it my favorite!

■ Your fondness for them is truly heartwarming.

I've been using the【Maticline I S】, passed down from my mother, for seven years now.

■ We're deeply grateful for the bond with your mother. Looking back on your journey in the beauty industry, what's been the most memorable aspect for you?

Owning my own salon has been an absolute highlight. I've weathered various challenges, especially during pivotal life moments like marriage and motherhood. But through it all, I've been blessed with the opportunity to open the doors of cotona and welcome countless wonderful customers. Every day, I relish the chance to connect with each individual and immerse myself in the joy of hairstyling. And I'll continue to do my best, every step of the way!

■ Do you have any requests for Naruto Scissors?

The ability to carry forward the scissors that once my mother cut countless customers’ hair, is a unique privilege that only Naruto Scissors can offer. To me, that embodies the true beauty of Naruto Scissors.
My experience with Naruto Scissors is still short, but I will continue to use them carefully.
Please continue to inherit the sharpening skills of scissors that will last a lifetime.

■ Finally, please share a message.

If you've not experienced Naruto scissors yet, I implore you to take them into your hands and feel the difference for yourself. Like me, you'll likely find yourself echoing the sentiment, "I wish I had discovered them sooner!" So, please, don't hesitate to give them a try!