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My Story With NARUTOSCISSORS | buzz-Hairmake

Let me introduce Yuji Kuroda from buzz-Hairmake, a renowned hair salon in the stylish city of Kobe, where 40% of the clientele are men. Mr.Kuroda is known for creating styles not only to hair texture and bone structure but also considering the client's lifestyle, earning the loyalty of local customers.

■ You remember the moment you discovered Naruto Scissors, don't you?

Yes. I was impressed by their lightness and the smoothness of the cut.
I knew right away they were the ones!

■ And now you have many pairs. Which one do you use the most?

The Princess Brain scissors.
I use them for base cuts. Their lightness and smooth cut reduce hand fatigue.


■ Thank you very much.

Using Naruto Scissors makes it easier to achieve the desired texture. Thanks to craftsman Mr. Shiraishi, who maintains them, I can customize them to my liking, which is a great help.

■ Your words are the highest compliment for a craftsman.

Recently, advanced products and techniques have simplified salon work. However, cutting remains timeless! I believe that haircutting skills will be especially important for hairstylists in the future. I hope Naruto Scissors continues to uphold traditional craftsmanship as a partner that brings a stylist’s vision to life.

■ I'll keep that in mind!

I've had the pleasure of serving many long-term clients. After 18 years as a hairstylist, I've seen children grow into university students, become working adults, and even parents. Time truly flies. That's why it's so meaningful to be involved in various moments of each client's life through my scissors.

At buzz-Hairmake, we have clients spanning three or even four generations. I hope Naruto Scissors continues to connect people with their wonderful craftsmanship. I look forward to continuing my journey as a hairstylist with Naruto Scissors, serving my clients for years to come.